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LOL! Russia visits Jax to learn about “transparency”

A priceless headline, with a bit of irony to it. Yes, according to the Daily Record, a delegation from Russia is visiting Jacksonville to learn how to operate a transparent government.

Perhaps we can share with a country under the control of a dictator how a “transparent” government allows the executive of our little airport to pull in a higher salary than his peers in Tampa, Miami, Orlando or Atlanta. Perhaps we can explain how to reward unilateral contracts to your closest friends. Perhaps we could explain how a Vice Chairman (and former Chairman) of the Port Authority can personally benefit from Port business he voted on. We can cap it all off by simply pointing to today’s headline in The Florida Times-Union—how to spend over $60 million on a courthouse with absolutely nothing to show for it.

How about a leader that complains about media questions, referring to the Jacksonville media as “the worst?”

Yup, even Putin’s Russia could probably pick up a few tips from Jacksonville, don’t you think?

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