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Local Blogging/Twittering Community Makes Things Happen

I’ve recently  been privileged to interact with Joey Marchy (Urban Jacksonville) and Tony Allegretti (The Urban Core), two of the true pioneers of Jacksonville blogging.  They were really two trendsetters in demonstrating to Jacksonville how local blogs can make an impact on the city.  As I watched how they have developed their blogs, I became intrigued by their use of Twitter—something that was really just starting to get widespread press a few months ago.  619 updates later, I think it’s safe to say I’ve become hooked.  And, as Joey pointed out in his recent column on Urban Jacksonville, Twitter has opened up an entirely new form of communication to people throughout Jacksonville, bringing many of us together who would previously have not interacted—everyone from Times-Union Editors and Reporters to local radio reporters, politicians and political consultants throughout the state.  A few nights ago, a Twitter conversation led from one thing to another–and we ended up getting results.  Quickly.

Read Joey’s column to learn just how rapidly Twitter is changing how things happen in Jacksonville.

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Politicians on Twitter = B-O-R-I-N-G

Great column by Beth Reinhard in the Miami Herald – sharing how politicians on Twitter spell “booooring” in 140 letters.  For example, I’m sure we all wanted to know such facts like it takes Marco Rubio’s wife forever to blowdry her hair.

I joined Twitter this week. Does that make me a twit? (Please don’t answer that.)

This is not why I got into journalism. Spewing online quips limited to 140 letters isn’t the crusade for truth and justice I once envisioned.

But as a lucky survivor in the struggling media biz, I wanted to see what the cool kids were doing. Surprisingly, I learned a lot about Florida’s political twittering class.

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Twittering the Legislative Session

Dan Gelber, a Democratic State Senator from Miami Beach and a candidate for the open US Senate seat in 2010, has announced his intent (Via Facebook) to tweet the upcoming legislative session via Twitter, the burgeoning online social networking site.  Perhaps the most amusing portion of Gelber’s announcement, however, was his announcement that he intended to encourage other legislators to do the same.  One wonders if he has ever met his fellow State Senators Steve Wise and Jim King?  Can you honestly see them twittering?

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Don’t Twitter and Drive

You might not be able to if State Sen. Carey Baker (R-Eustis) has his way. Sen. Baker is pushing measures that would outlaw texting on Florida highways.

Baker has drafted two versions of his bill. One he filed in late 2008 also would bar minors from talking on cell phones while driving. It would make cell-phone use by teenage drivers enforceable only for those pulled over for speeding or some other violation. Baker said he filed the texting-only bill in case he can’t sell his colleagues on the cell-phone provision.

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