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Legislative update for Wednesday, January 7th

The various House and Senate committees met today continuing to go over the budget cuts.  House bills have been placed on the Special Order calendar for that big discussion (the House Session) that Speaker “Criminole” Sansom has scheduled to run from 3pm to 6pm tomorrow and reconvene if necessary on Friday.  The Senate bills are still under discussion at the committee level tomorrow, with the full Senate set to meet in Session at 9:3o am Friday morning.

House Dems issued calls to slow down on the budget cuts and wait for the federal stimulus package from Washington, DC.  While the Senate Dem caucus voted today to vote against the budget bills tomorrow in committee hearings and again at Session on Friday morning.

You can view the filed House appropriations bills and proposed Council bills, and the Senate’s proposed Committee bills here.

Footnote:  Not to be outdone, Rep. Waldman filed another cigarette tax bill today (HB15A).  Let’s see if the House refuses to introduce it again or if the bill is just left to wither on the vine.  Waldman is nothing, if not persistent.


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