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Vote for Matt Shirk? Yes, really.

You know, we’ve gotten such a great response to our Matt Shirk celebration poll, we thought our readers would love the opportunity to vote for Matt Shirk again.  Yes, really.  This time he’s in the running for the 2nd Annual Worst Prosecutor of the Year on The Agitator, Radley Balko’s blog.  

Yes, our own darling, “pretty boy Matt”,  is in the running with 6 heavy-hitters: US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan,  Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert, Assistant US Attorney Brett Grayson,  Lake County Illinois Prosecutor Michael Mermel, and the Connecticut prosecutors in the Julie Amero case. 

Please help Matt win this prestigious award.  Click on http://www.theagitator.com/2008/12/22/monday-morning-poll-the-2nd-annual-worst-prosecutor-of-the-year-wopoty-award/ and vote in the poll.


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