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Peyton and JTA going head-to-head

Looks like Peyton has found himself going head-to-head with JTA and its director, Mike Blaylock.  It seems  JTA is concerned that major projects to untangle traffic snarls at major highway interchanges, provide rapid bus transit, and provide public transportation could go by the wayside or be seriously underfunded under the Mayor’s most recent proposal.  Of course, Jaxport is supportive of Peyton’s proposed plan, as it would provide funding for badly needed road infrastructure now that the port has signed on Mitsui and Hanjin.   

Two City Council members have already expressed concerns.  Councilman Stephen Joost said he’s concerned with how Better Jacksonville projects will jive with other city debts.  Councilman Michael Corrigan said he’s concerned with holding up the plan voters asked for eight years ago.

Already they are fighting over how to spend the extra money, while Peyton’s plan to extend the local option gas tax and dip into a capital projects fund still  has to go through City Council for approval.   I guess that’s only a minor detail to them.

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