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The dust has barely settled on the 2008 Election and politicians are already positioning themselves for the next step on the ladder.

Word on the street is that newly-elected Duval County School Board Member Stan Jordan has no intent on filling out his term on the School Board.  By all accounts, he has his eyes set on the State Senate seat that Jim King will be vacating in two yearas.  Mr. Jordan apparently simply needed a job until the Senate seat opens and figured a return to the School Board would be an easy win.  (Rumor has it that Mr. Jordan tried to convince Ken Manuel, his opponent in the School Board race, to set aside his interest in the seat for the time being, and in return, Jordan would push him for an appointment to the seat when Jordan vacated it.)  Talk about premature speculation…

Of course, Jordan won’t be the only one contending for Jim King’s seat.  State Rep. Aaron Bean has already announced his candidacy, and Jacksonville City Council Members Art Graham and Richard Clark are also said to be interested…


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