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Peyton calls for tax increase

Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton has joined the growing chorus of liberal Democrats calling for a tax increase in order to meet current budget needs.  (“What did you say?  What do you mean Democrats aren’t calling for a tax increase?  Republicans are?  John Peyton is a ‘conservative’ Republican?  Pardon me for the interruption, folks, there seemed to be some confusion on that one…back to the story…” )  Several days after calling for a $148 million donation to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Peyton is back to make his case for $100 million in infrastructure projects.  Now, he has yet to identify where he will come up with the City’s charitable donation to the sagging Jags, but he is clear on this one—it’s time to raise taxes.  Or, as he puts it “extend” the gasoline sales tax.

Somehow Duval voters knew what they signed off on the Better Jacksonville Plan and its “temporary” tax increase that the increase would never go away.  They never do.

Still no word on where the funds for the courthouse and the Jaguars donation will come from…  I suppose another “temporary” tax might be pending submission?


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