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Just Say No

The Times Union reported on the Waste Management no-bid contract this morning.

Where to begin?

Should I start with Art Shad who is the ONLY Council person to come out of the gate expressing his wholehearted support of the no-bid agreement – “a shining example of what’s good”?

Or should I start with Paul Harden who thinks the no-bid contract “sells itself”?

Or should I start with Waste Management representatives who will be meeting with each of the Council members individually to “ensure the council has all the information…”?

Or should I start with the positives – the Council members who appear to have spines?

IMO, this is a no-brainer decision – JUST SAY NO.  This contract should be put out to bid and I am calling my council representatives to encourage them to do just that.

Here’s a run-down of the various Council members’ current position on the no-bid contract according to the Times Union::




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The Rubber Meets the Road

The Mayor’s Office announced today that the City (at least the Mayor’s Office anyway) has reached a deal with Waste Management for a $750 million dollar no bid contract to operate Trail Ridge Landfill for the next 35 years.  Only one thing standing between that lucrative, and what some people allege is illegal, contract – City Council. 

Here’s where the rubber meets the road folks.  Jack Webb was the first one to raise the alarm about this contract.  Ronnie Fussell has also been pretty vocal about his desire that the operation of the landfill be put out to bid.  I’ll be waiting patiently to see if Council grows a set, or if they cave to Paul Harden.

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Status Quo Reigns on the Jacksonville City Council

I wonder if they will be holding the annual coronation bash.

Council Vice President Richard Clark has received written commitments from 14 council members supporting his bid to become the president in 2009, including some dated as early as August. Councilman Jack Webb, who is running for vice president, has commitments from 11 others.  [Florida Times-Union]

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