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School Board To Consider Tax Increase on Tuesday

According to Mary Kelli Palka of The Florida Times-Union, the Duval County School Board will vote hold a vote on Tuesday to address whether or not the board will increase the millage rate to fund reserves. The board is concerned that further cuts in education may be coming from the state and they wish to increase the county’s reserves to deal with that possibility.

According to an earlier article in the Times-Union, a majority of the board is leaning towards supporting the increase.  The vote will require an endorsement of five of the seven members of the board.

Read the Times-Union article here.


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Contemplating Tax Hikes

The next month is certain to be filled with heated discussions over tax hikes in Jacksonville.  This year’s hike, proposed as an increase in the property tax millage rate, is already beginning to elicit strong feedback from the community, particularly from homeowner’s who feel they are being unfairly targeted.  (For what it’s worth, increases in property taxes also impact renters, whose rent is typically increased to cover the property taxes charged to their landlord.)

Tomorrow, JaxPoliticsOnline.com intends to look at how Jacksonville can have a civilized and constructive conversation over the proposals.  There are; however, a few items that should be considered must-reads as the City begins the discussion.  On Friday, Ron Littlepage implored voters to “look at the facts” before opposing the property tax hike proposed by the Mayor.  Yesterday, David Hunt looked at the $31 million the Mayor has identified as having been trimmed from the budget over the previous three years—and the fact that city spending has actually increased by $102 million during that time period.  Today, the editorial board of the Times-Union takes a look at what they call “another rush job” by the Administration.  They fault the Mayor for a lack of community involvement on the front end, leaving voters (and the City Council) barely a month to vet the proposal before it must be voted on.

Much, much more to come on this subject in the ensuing week and month.  Stay tuned.

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Times-Union Calls on Sansom to Resign

The Florida Times-Union, long one of the more reliably conservative papers in the state, has called on Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom to resign.

The public perception problem stems in part from when, on his first day on the job as House speaker, he accepted a $110,000 unadvertised post from Northwest Florida State College as a vice-president. That’s his alma mater and the same college he has helped in a big way as he has risen through the ranks to become speaker.

The choice Sansom should make is one that can help reverse a damaged reputation with the public.

– He can resign from the college job, admit it was a bad call to accept it and explain to the public why he thinks he can still be the speaker that Florida needs him to be.

– Or he could keep the college job and step aside as speaker. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dick Bussard Passes Away

DICK BUSSARD, husband of Billee Bussard, passed away  after an extended illness.

Dick Bussard was a former reporter and then editor of “The Jacksonville Journal”, and “The Florida Times Union”, and retired from CSX as Director of Communication.  

Dick and Billee created and were co-editors of the Duval County Democratic Party’s newsletter “The Inside Report”. Dick also wrote a monthly column in “The Inside Report” until he became too ill to continue. (Update: The Times-Union has his obituary here.)

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