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City Hall Facing Angry Public

Jacksonville’s electorate is mad—steaming mad—over the latest news out of City Hall.  E-mails titled everything from “Taxation without Representation” (was anyone’s right to vote denied in the last City Council elections) to “Get a Clue” are flooding the mailboxes of City Hall.

A sampling of the e-mails are below:

I respectfully request, again, your good office to represent “WE THE PEOPLE” and kill the three (3) taxes being imposed on the electorate.  There were promises of no new taxes.  Please do not insult me by claiming these are fees and not taxation.

The Mayor’s office should be SHUT DOWN before any politician discusses shutting down services that we the people can not provide for ourselves.  Shut down Parks and Recreation, Senior Citizen Centers and frivolous spending before you talk about layoffs of the first police officer, firefighter or paramedic!  Shame on anyone who has lived over seventy years (70) and can not entertain themselves!


Carroll Huffines

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Legislature to Vote on Budget Today

Today, the Legislature will vote on a budget built on one time non-recurring monies,  and loaded with fees and taxes (although some Republicans are now calling them “surcharges” to avoid the T word).  With Democrats threatening to vote a big no, and even some Republicans wavering, it looks like the Legislature’s vote on the budget will be interesting, but likely to pass. 

With all those fees and taxes, wonder where all those Grover Norquist “no new taxes” pledge Republicans are? 

Read more about the budget here and here.

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