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Mayor says money matters

Mayor Peyton has issued a call for the community to jump in to save themselves from being taxed.  That’s an interesting perspective. 

Since  Mayor Peyton took office in 2003, the City has enacted approximately 56 pieces of legislation that waived the City’s purchasing code.  These waivers included the following projects:  the Shipyards, the Jaguars lease, the Equestrian Center, and IKON.  And there is still one waiver of the purchasing code left for City Council consideration and approval:  the Waste Management no-bid contract to operate the Trail Ridge Landfill.  

If  the projects listed are any indication of the wisdom of waiving the City’s purchasing code, then the City would do well to not waive the purchasing code so often.  Perhaps then, the City could save itself and not have to raise taxes.


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