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What is Marco Rubio up to?

I mentioned here yesterday that Marco Rubio would be a front-runner for the US Senate seat being vacated by short-termer Mel Martinez. Well, it didn’t take long. Marco is up today with a new website. As FLA Politics puts it, you can:

-Watch a video of Marco, his four bored children and his bored wife.
-Learn fun facts about Marco in the “Did You Know” Section.
-Subscribe to “Marco’s View,” although there is nothing yet posted to the “news letter.”
-Send a message to the “Floridian Shout Box,” although you’ll have to go through a thorough approval process first.
-Join the team!
-Send a text message to Marco!
-Invite Marco to speak at your…whatever!
-“Connect” with Marco on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. How very Web 2.0.
-Check out the “Rubio Review,” whatever that might be, since the page is blank.
-Find interesting typos such as “Welcome to Marco Rubio website.”
-Watch several videos where Marco talks without actually saying anything.

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