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“Friendly Lawns” Bill Not So Friendly to Citizens

After a glowing article about how great Senate Bill 2080 would be for Florida’s water resources and Florida friendly lawns, the St. Pete Times has done a 180 on the bill.  It seems that Senator J.D. Alexander added an amendment to the bill at the last minute that would require the water management districts’ boards to delegate permitting responsibilities for wetlands and water resources to the executive director and staff.  The only time the board would be involved in a permit would be if the director and staff recommended denial of the permit.  So much for public input into the process as the St. Pete Times article points out. 

It concerns Jaxpolitics that  Jacksonville’s citizenry may not have the ability to provide public input to the board on permits like the one recently issued to withdraw water from the St. Johns River, if the Governor were to allow this bill to become law.   Read the St. Pete Times article here.

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