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Carrie Meek “heartbroken” over Corrine Brown

Former US Rep. Carrie Meek is said to be “heartbroken” over the decision by Rep. Corrine Brown to challenge Meek’s son, Kendrick, for the Democratic nomination to the US Senate. Former Representative Meek and Congresswoman Brown were among the three African-Americans elected to the US House in 1992 following redistricting. According to a prominent Democratic fundraiser, the two women were as close as “sisters.”

The Miami Herald has more here.

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Kendrick Meek (D-Miami) Jumps into Senate Race

The first “major” candidate has jumped into the race that will be left vacant by the retiring Mel Martinez in 2010. From the St. Pete Times:

The 42-year-old former legislator and son of former U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek, should be a significant force in the campaign. He has a national and statewide profile and network, built leading the class size amendment, the sit-in at Jeb Bush’s office, and leading John Kerry’s Florida campaign in 2004.

And it’s a sign of Meek’s confidence and scrappiness that he’s jumping in the race – essentially giving up a lifetime Congressional seat if he stays in – while other candidates wait to see what heavy favorite Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink decides. Other prospective Democratic candidates include Sink, state Sen. Dan Gelber, and U.S. Reps. Allen Boyd and Ron Klein.

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