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Hung Out to Dry

 Let’s see if I have this straight.

According to a recent TU article, Alan Williams and Doug Wood, former City employees involved with the original Waste Management deal, were approached a couple of months ago by Alan Mosley, the mayor’s chief administrative officer. According to Williams, Mosley told him the original Waste Management contract was for the entire site and suggested that Williams sign an affidavit supporting that assertion. A few days later, Williams says he received an affidavit in the mail from Paul Harden.

At the same time that was going on (and as posted on Jaxpolitics before), the Mayor’s staff, including Adam Hollingworth and Alan Mosley (among others), were involved in regular meetings with Paul Harden, Waste Management’s representative.

So given that, does the following explanation in the TU make sense?

During an open forum at the First Coast Tiger Bay Club on Friday, Peyton was asked whether Mosley was acting on his own or under the mayor’s direction.

“He didn’t do it at my request or my direction,” Peyton said.

Peyton said he didn’t know Mosley had called Wood and Williams but did not see anything wrong with his aide trying to better understand the city’s legal risks.

Harden said that no one from the city directed him to follow up on Mosley’s conversations.

“I’m not acting on behalf of the city,” Harden said on April 11.

Of course, Harden’s original letter that accompanied the affidavit stated that the men’s signing of the affidavit would really “help Mayor Peyton.”  So, why do I feel like we aren’t exactly getting the whole story here?

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Trail Ridge Strategy Unraveling

The former chief of the City’s Public Works Department, Alan Williams, now says he was pressured into signing the affidavit supporting Waste Management’s interpretation of the contract and that had he refreshed his memory, he wouldn’t have signed it.  According to Williams, he signed an affidavit given to him by a Waste Management lobbyist, at the urging of one of Mayor John Peyton’s top aides.

The Mayor states that it has always been the City’s contention that the contract is for the life of the facility, not the life of the site.  So I guess I’m confused.  If that’s always been the City’s contention, why is one of the Mayor’s top aides urging a former City employee to sign an affidavit in support of Waste Management’s interpretation of the contract?

The Mayor will be presenting his side of the Trail Ridge issue at the Tiger Bay Club this Friday.  I, for one, will be interested in the Mayor’s response to this development.

Could this be the end of the line for the Trail Ridge no-bid contract?  Jacksonville’s residents can only hope so.  

Read more of the Alan Williams story in the TU here.

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