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San Marco Zoning Oddities

This innocent little post by one of my fellow authors last week stirred up quite a ruckus. Who knew a zoning change on Hendricks Avenue could generate so much interest? But, stir people up it did. This post bears evidence to a very small sampling of the reaction by neighbors. What has been left unanswered; however, is why this rezoning request wasn’t addressed when the Council first considered a land use map amendment for this property last year.  

In November 2008, Paul Harden requested that the City Council approve a land use map amendment on the same property (3634 Hendricks Ave) from Low Density Residential (LDR) to Residential-Professional-Institutional (RPI). The Council more than willingly complied, but the question arises, why didn’t Mr. Harden request a zoning change to a PUD at that time? According to the land use map amendment submittal, the rezoning request was supposed to accompany it.  And why is Mr. Harden requesting the same land use map amendment for the property again?  What changed between November 2008 and today? Perhaps something went wrong… One wonders if the Florida Department of Community Affairs took issue with the original land use map amendment… Of course, if our legislators have their way, there won’t be a Department of Community Affairs to regulate future growth. Check this story out.

The full legislation from 2008 is posted below… Read the rest of this entry »


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