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Girl’s High School Sports Being Slashed

From Flog (Folio Weekly’s Blog):

The Florida High School Athletic Association’s decision in late April to save money by cutting high school sports schedules has prompted concern among many parents. But last week, the threat of litigation entered the picture.

A group called Florida Parents for Athletic Equity noted that the cuts, which preserve full funding only for football and cheerleading, disproportionately affect girls. Aside from the fact that the funding enshrines traditional, sexist assignations (go boys, go!), there’s the little fact that competitive cheerleading does not qualify as a sport under Title IX (at least as it is currently set up in Florida).

The parents group — made up of local heavy-hitter lawyers Wayne Hogan, Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Leslie Goller and David Baron — contend the cuts amount to “violations of federal constitutional and statutory law as well as state anti-discrimination laws.” The group urged the FHSAA to rescind its vote at this Friday’s meeting.

“Absent a retraction … expect prompt legal action to protect the rights of Florida’s young women,” the group wrote.

Folio Weekly has provided a copy of the group’s letter here.

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Florida Campaign Law Struck Down

Breaking news:

AP: A federal judge has struck down a Florida campaign law he says unconstitutionally limits political free speech.

U.S. District Judge Stephan P. Mickle ruled Friday. The law requires even nonpolitical organizations to register with the state if they merely mention candidates or issues in publications or through other communications such as Web sites. In October, Mickle granted a preliminary injunction that stopped the state from enforcing the law pending the final ruling in a suit filed by some affected groups.

A spokeswoman for Secretary of State Kurt Browning said Tuesday that he will appeal the decision to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.

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Washington Post Insults the Gators

(Originally from the Pensito Review)  Only Florida fans know just how insulting this one is:

picture-11The Florida State Gators?  Seriously?  Four national titles in BCS Football and NCAA Basketball in less than four years and we are the Florida State Gators?  I’d say someone is spending too much time inside the Beltway.

Here’s to hoping Bob Graham made a few calls to his nephew on that one…

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Florida, Jacksonville Unemployment Rises

From The Jacksonville Business Journal:

The state’s unemployment rate hit 9.4 percent in February, up 4.2 percentage points from the same time last year and the highest since April 1976, when the rate also was 9.4 percent, according to the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation.

The unemployment rate in the Jacksonville area was 9.2 percent, ranking it 17th among the 23 metropolitan statistical areas in the state. In Duval County, the 9.5 percent unemplloyment was nearly double the 4.8 percent rate of February 2008. The other counties in Northeast Florida all saw their rates double: Clay to 8.9 percent, Nassau to 9 percent and St. Johns to 8.2 percent.

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Atlanta Sports Columnist Downplays Move of FL-GA Game

Perhaps it will be the lure of golf on St. Simon’s Island that keeps the Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville

Given the way the rivalry has turned against their team, you might guess Georgia fans would be ripe for any break in the routine. You’d be wrong. The trek to Jacksonville has become such a part of the UGA experience that the school schedules no classes the Friday before the given Saturday. A day trip to Fulton County wouldn’t quite match the experience of a three- or four-day fall break (with golf at St. Simons, long a Bulldog stronghold, included).

Sixteen times since 1989, the hated Gators have marred a Georgia season. That said, Bulldog backers will give up their autumnal sojourn only when somebody pries a 7-iron from their cold dead fingers. As much as those folks want their team to win, they want their R&R even more.

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Tebow’s Speech Immortalized

The speech heard around the NCAA.  Now outside the football facility at Florida Field.

Football will be here soon!

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Atlanta Looks to Steal Florida-Georgia Game

From First Coast News:

A River City tradition for more than 80 years, the Florida-Georgia game is only locked in Jacksonville through 2010. The City of Atlanta says it wants to be the next host.

The Atlanta Sports Council has announced its plans to talk with the University of Florida and the University of Georgia about moving the annual rivalry north.

Considered a neutral site, Jacksonville has hosted the game every years since the 1930s.

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Watch your tongue, boy!

Now I realize that this blog is devoted to the discussion of politics as it relates to Jacksonville and Florida as a whole; however, there are always moments for occasional deviation.   Today’s comments by Tennessee’s new football coach are the perfect example of when we might deviate…

Memo to Lane Kiffin:  Watch your tongue!

After calling Urban Meyer a “cheater” in an address to Volunteer fans this morning, Kiffin bowed to Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley’s demands this afternoon that he issue an immediate apology.

Apology accepted, Lane.  If you’re still around, we’ll continue this conversation on Sept 19.  The coach who actually has a track record to stand on will save up a few timeouts for the end of the game.  Just for you.  See you then.

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