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About JaxPoliticsOnline.com

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JaxPoliticsOnline.com is a collaborative effort of several individuals with connections to and interest in Jacksonville (and Florida) politics.  All opinions are those of the individual author. The site always welcomes leads, comments and requests for opinion.

Abel Harding, the founder and editor of JaxPoliticsOnline.com, is a local banker with a lifelong interest in politics and history.  He is a native Floridian with deep roots in the Sunshine State.  Abel has authored numerous articles over the years, primarily on state and local politics.  He is passionate about citizen involvement in the political process and works to truly give a fair hearing to all sides of an issue.  Abel is the proud father of one son.  He can be reached at abel.harding@mac.com.

Nick Callahan has been a Jacksonville resident for over a decade.  Nick was a Political Science Major and Masters Candidate in Public Administration at the University of North Florida.  He is a firm believe in an open and transparent government.

JaxPoliticsOnline.com also features articles from other individuals from time to time.  If you have an interest in submitting an article for the site, please contact Abel Harding.

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