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School Board To Consider Tax Increase on Tuesday

According to Mary Kelli Palka of The Florida Times-Union, the Duval County School Board will vote hold a vote on Tuesday to address whether or not the board will increase the millage rate to fund reserves. The board is concerned that further cuts in education may be coming from the state and they wish to increase the county’s reserves to deal with that possibility.

According to an earlier article in the Times-Union, a majority of the board is leaning towards supporting the increase.  The vote will require an endorsement of five of the seven members of the board.

Read the Times-Union article here.


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  1. Wills says:

    Chairman Curry, if you are out there, THIS is what we need to be focusing our efforts on PLEASE!….

  2. Sandra Wolff says:

    This is impossible you , I have kept quiet for 40 years but if you are going to raise taxes you should at least exempt your teachers!

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