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FHSAA Reconsidering Reducing Female Sports

Facing a legal challenge from prominent Jacksonville attorneys, the Florida High School Athletic Association has called a meeting to reconsider the earlier decision to slash a number of high school sports, a move that was decried as a violation of Title IX.  The cuts would not have included football and cheerleading and would have disproportionately affected girls, particularly in light of the fact that cheerleading does not qualify as a competitive sport under Title IX.

According to The Florida Times-Union, the parents of the children who filed the suit have asked US District Judge Timothy Corrigan for an injunction to prevent the association from implementing the new policy.  Corrigan has scheduled a hearing on that request on July 17, which would be two days after the board’s published meeting date, at which they will consider amending their previous policy change.

The lead attorney suing FHSAA sees progress.  Wayne Hogan told the judge that without the suit, the FHSAA would have been unlikely to revisit the issue.


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