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City Hall Facing Angry Public

Jacksonville’s electorate is mad—steaming mad—over the latest news out of City Hall.  E-mails titled everything from “Taxation without Representation” (was anyone’s right to vote denied in the last City Council elections) to “Get a Clue” are flooding the mailboxes of City Hall.

A sampling of the e-mails are below:

I respectfully request, again, your good office to represent “WE THE PEOPLE” and kill the three (3) taxes being imposed on the electorate.  There were promises of no new taxes.  Please do not insult me by claiming these are fees and not taxation.

The Mayor’s office should be SHUT DOWN before any politician discusses shutting down services that we the people can not provide for ourselves.  Shut down Parks and Recreation, Senior Citizen Centers and frivolous spending before you talk about layoffs of the first police officer, firefighter or paramedic!  Shame on anyone who has lived over seventy years (70) and can not entertain themselves!


Carroll Huffines


I read in the TU where the mayor wants to raise taxes so he can have more money to waste on overseas trips and expensive printing jobs… I have never see such reckless spending in my life.. Do you people have any idea that Jacksonville has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, 38,000 people are out of work, houses are foreclosing left and right, people are eating less and also getting their electricity  cut off because of the greed of JEA… And lets not forget about the over budget JSO that’s sucking the life out of the city.. And you people want more money to waste? Get a clue , morons..

I have more respect for bed lice and bank robbers then I do for  you crooks at city hall..

George Teal


Mayor Peyton,

I just read an article in the Times Union today about the City Budget Crisis. I am sure you are inindated with calls and e-mails with people giving you their opinions however I feel compelled to give mine. If you are looking to cut the budget and save money start making the Police Officers drive their cars on official business instead of driving themselves and their familys all over Jacksonville or allowing them to drive their cars home if they live out of Duval County. I am sure you are looking to cut people in city departments to save money but you will be cutting the jobs of people who will loose their homes, cars and livley hoods.  understand that with a Civil Servic Job last in would be first out, and I understand that principal, however I have called many City divisions in the past  you need to weed out the people who are not preforming their jobs and keep the people who are worthy. Many times I have sat and watch a street and drainage crew just sit for hours or the garbage hauler in their trucks asleep at the end of a cul-de sac. COME ON….WAKE UP. Keep people who want to work !!!  Allow City employees to keep their jobs but take a pay rate reduction until the econmoy picks up ..All City Employees From the May to City Council to all the Division Chiefs. Cut out all the perks such as Gas allowances etc. I work in the down town area and went into a resturant to eat last week and there were stacks of glossy fliers advertising the Movie Animal House. Just how much do all these flyers and things cost. CUT THEM OUT..SAVE MONEY ! All the signs advertising special events in the City..Cut ttme out. Do away with all the extras, the fire workorks etc. I know these things are nice, I enjoy them and attend them however I would rather see you kee people and do away with the unnecessary things.  The City as a whole waste money..ALOT of it.  By eleminating position you are just contributing to the failing economy. I have many friend that work at the city and they are all scared. Several of them would loose their homes. These people are only making 10 to 13 a hour. IS this really the answer ! I was born and raised in Jacksonville and It is going to hell in a hand basket and the City Budget Crisis is leading the way.

I don’t mind the Solid waste and Storm water fee and I don’t mind paying extra to keep people employeed in these tough ecconomic times.  Sir I know I am rambling but I am frustrated I will say the only shining light right now in the city in the 630city department. Ever one I ever talk to is knowledgeable and friendly and more than willing to work.If you have to make cuts I do hope that you leave that entire divison in tack and look elsewhere for your cuts. I use 630city weekly and the thought of any of those fine people loosing their jobs upset me. They are probably the hardest working group I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. I know that they get yelled out and screamed at and take the blount of all the angry callers. I myself have been one of those people before but everyone I ever spoke to was professional. Though the intent of this e-mail is for you to look for alternative measures for the budget cut I want to recoginize the following City Employees for their outstanding service to the Citizens of our community. I have spoken to the following people John Kurth, Kim Scott ,Brandy, Tracy, Angela, Peggy, Wilma , and Ken and they have always been on their A game ever time I have had the pleasure of speaking with them.

Thank you for your time !

A Very Concerned Citizen of Jacksonville


Councilman Clark:

I came across Ann Schindler’s article in this week’s FolioWeekly and have some questions on how you went about funding your recent trip to the Paris Air show. I understand you embraced the trip as a chance to cultivate business in Jacksonville, which is commendable, however I’m a bit concerned and confused about the way you funded it based on this article. Some of the questions I am hoping you can answer for me are:

  • Why was it necessary to seek splitting the expenses between JAA and City Council and was Mr. Fussell truly concerned about you spending the money on the trip as the article states?
  • Who actually did end up paying your way to the air show?
  • Can you fill me in on who you met with while abroad and let me know how those contacts will benefit our district and local economy?

Based on our previous conversations I know you don’t think too highly of the FolioWeekly, but this coupled with First Coast News’ coverage of your fast-tracking of a $168,000.00 batting cage in Jacksonville Beach leaves me with more questions than answers. I would like to speak to you about these expenditures and how you plan on prudently managing District3 affairs in a more transparent light.  Feel free to contact me directly at 904.451.3601 at your earliest convenience so we can discuss these matters in more detail.

Cordially Yours,

Nicholas A. Callahan


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m in favor of cutting programs and services. When taxes are raised Government takes from those of us who produce and invests and gives to those that live on hope and change. Screw Obama!

I don’t need libraries, community health care or government education. The Jacksonville Journey is not working. I don’t have a sexually transmitted disease.  Let’s stop paying for the underclasses living in the north, west and east side ghettos. Screw Obama and his minions!

Craig G. Eifert



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