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Best Jax Blog Stories of the Week

In case you missed them…a few stories that appeared on Jacksonville blogs this week.  All are worth checking out.

Joey Marchy of Urban Jacksonville looked at the role urban planning must play in Jacksonville’s economic development.

Speaking of urban planning, Tony Allegretti of The Urban Core posted a picture that made a compelling case for mass transit.  It bore a striking resemblance to a daily JTB commute.

I wrote a piece on Urban Jacksonville looking at what our local government can do to restore citizen trust.

Riverhugger, the blog of the St. Johns Riverkeeper, made the case for Charlie Crist to veto SB 2080.

Folio Weekly’s blog, Flog, shared more than anyone would ever want to know about the reasons behind the recent firing of six police recruits one day after they graduated from the police academy.

MetroJacksonville looked at the similarities between Jacksonville and Nashville, highlighting what we can learn from their successes.

Finally, one of the neatest stories of the week was from Joseph Miller of the Jacksonville Observer.  In his series “A Simpler Time In Jacksonville”, he looked at President Grover Cleveland’s visit to the city in 1888.


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