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BRT Failing in Miami

JTA take note.

The Dadeland-to-Florida City bus rapid transit (BRT) roadway was built to encourage motorists to take buses that travel more quickly because they benefit from green-light priority at intersections.  But the strategy didn’t work out well because Miami-Dade Transit was never able to operate many buses on the roadway. Currently, between 10 to 27 buses per hour during rush periods serving some 20,000 passengers per day use the Busway. At times the north-south roadway is practically empty. 

Miami-Dade County commissioners and other local elected officials are currenty considering a proposed plan to convert the Busway into — among other alternatives — a four-lane highway with express toll lanes where private vehicles would share the road with buses. The revenue would then be used to fund the cash-strapped county transit agency.

Read more about it here.


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