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Roadmap to Florida’s (and Jacksonville’s) Future

Over the course of 2009, Enterprise Florida, the public-private partnership formed to promote economic development in the state, will be touring the state of Florida in regional meetings to identify goals and priorities for its five-year strategic plan dubbed a “Roadmap to Florida’s Future.” The meeting for the NE Florida area will occur on June 10th at the St. Johns County Convention Center at World Golf Village beginning at 1:30pm. If done right, the road map should help steer Florida’s job creation policies and infrastructure investment strategies over the next five years. And goodness know, the timing couldn’t be better. Figuring out how our region will fit into that road map – and position itself to capitalize on the state’s economic strategies – should be high up on our business, citizen and government leaders list of things to do.

For more inforation about the Roadmap to Florida’s Future, click here.


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