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The Great Florida Treasure Hunt

In these tough economic times, every little bit helps. Maybe the state is holding some money for you, and it’s just sitting in Tallahassee. Enter the Great Florida Treasure Hunt.

The Department of Financial Services, Bureau of Unclaimed Property, holds unclaimed accounts valued at more than $1 billion, mostly from dormant accounts in financial institutions, insurance and utility companies, securities and trust holdings. Unclaimed Property also includes tangible property such as jewelry, coins, currency, stamps, historical items and other miscellaneous articles, from safe deposit boxes.

If you have ever lived in Florida, there’s a chance the State is holding unclaimed property for you. So, take a look yourself at www.fltreasurehunt.org. If you find a match and believe it is yours, you can print and complete a claim form and mail it to the department, or you can request a claim form be mailed to you. The claim form will list the documentation required to prove your claim. Or you can call the Florida Department of Financial Services at 1-888-258-2253. There is no statute of limitations on making a claim. You have the right to claim your property any time at no cost.

Some of the more notable Jacksonville folks the State is holding money for: Corrine Brown, Joe Carlucci, Tommy Hazouri and Adam Hollingsworth. 

The site is also a nice little campaign ad for gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, as well. When you click on the site, there is her smiling face. Now who wouldn’t want to vote for someone who is associated with something as pleasant as finding unexpected money in your pocket?

Hat tip to Scott Maxwell’s Orlando Sentinel column.


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