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Girl’s High School Sports Being Slashed

From Flog (Folio Weekly’s Blog):

The Florida High School Athletic Association’s decision in late April to save money by cutting high school sports schedules has prompted concern among many parents. But last week, the threat of litigation entered the picture.

A group called Florida Parents for Athletic Equity noted that the cuts, which preserve full funding only for football and cheerleading, disproportionately affect girls. Aside from the fact that the funding enshrines traditional, sexist assignations (go boys, go!), there’s the little fact that competitive cheerleading does not qualify as a sport under Title IX (at least as it is currently set up in Florida).

The parents group — made up of local heavy-hitter lawyers Wayne Hogan, Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Leslie Goller and David Baron — contend the cuts amount to “violations of federal constitutional and statutory law as well as state anti-discrimination laws.” The group urged the FHSAA to rescind its vote at this Friday’s meeting.

“Absent a retraction … expect prompt legal action to protect the rights of Florida’s young women,” the group wrote.

Folio Weekly has provided a copy of the group’s letter here.


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