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Local Blogging/Twittering Community Makes Things Happen

I’ve recently  been privileged to interact with Joey Marchy (Urban Jacksonville) and Tony Allegretti (The Urban Core), two of the true pioneers of Jacksonville blogging.  They were really two trendsetters in demonstrating to Jacksonville how local blogs can make an impact on the city.  As I watched how they have developed their blogs, I became intrigued by their use of Twitter—something that was really just starting to get widespread press a few months ago.  619 updates later, I think it’s safe to say I’ve become hooked.  And, as Joey pointed out in his recent column on Urban Jacksonville, Twitter has opened up an entirely new form of communication to people throughout Jacksonville, bringing many of us together who would previously have not interacted—everyone from Times-Union Editors and Reporters to local radio reporters, politicians and political consultants throughout the state.  A few nights ago, a Twitter conversation led from one thing to another–and we ended up getting results.  Quickly.

Read Joey’s column to learn just how rapidly Twitter is changing how things happen in Jacksonville.


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