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Sink Calls on Crist to Veto Growth Management Bill

Alex Sink, the presumed Democratic candidate for Florida Governor, has called on Charlie Crist to veto the growth management bill recently passed by the legislature.

CFO and gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink suggested to Buzz that she thinks Charlie Crist should veto the controversial SB 360 growth management bill.

“It’s the classic example of something that probably started out being a good idea and a good concept and by the time it got to the end it had so many christmas ornaments on it it was an ugly pig. That would be an example of something I (as governor) would be engaged in along the way to work collaboratively with the Legislature to end up hopefully with a better product instead of something that’s very flawed. When you have local governments and environmental people opining about how flawed and how negative and bad it is that’s not the outcome you want to have.”


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