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Smackdown: Bennett vs. McCarty

WWE (that’s World Wrestling Entertainment for the uninitiated) came to Tallahassee recently when Senator Mike “Bailout State Farm” Bennett got into a Texas chainsaw death match with Insurance Commissioner Kevin “Good Riddance State Farm” McCarty. It seems that  Bennett was incensed over McCarty’s letter to Governor Crist requesting he veto Bennett’s State Farm bailout bill.  Now, according to Naked Politics, Bennett wants McCarty to resign, saying he reneged on a promise not to lobby against Bennett’s bill deregulating large insurers’ rates.  Bennett told Gov. Crist as much in a letter he recently sent.

Read McCarty’s letter here.  Read Bennett’s letter here.

To McCarty (my personal hero of late as I have no love lost for State Farm), you go, guy!  Next you might want to take a look at why only two insurers (Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield) control 45% of Florida’s health insurance market.


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