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Marco Rubio Lights Up YouTube

Charlie Crist may have been anointed Senator by the Washington, DC Republican establishment.  He may lead in the first poll done on the race, but Marco Rubio is lighting up the web.  Why?

His farewell address when he was leaving his post as Speaker of the Florida House has drawn thousands of hits on YouTube in the last few days.

Crist’s support runs skin deep—he is merely seen by the Washington establishment as the best chance to hold a Republican seat.  Rubio’s followers, on the other hand, are believers.  They see him as the annointed conservative successor to Florida conservative heavyweight Jeb Bush.  For them, the establishment’s endorsement of Crist is another opportunity to feel betrayed by party bosses whose professions of conservative faith are often viewed as more a choice of convenience, and not necessarily a set of guiding principles.


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