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Waste Management Lawsuit Is On

This should come as no shocker to anyone.

Waste Management filed a lawsuit against Jacksonville on Friday, fulfilling its promise to sue over the Trail Ridge landfill.

The company has asked U.S. District Court to review the current landfill contract and determine whether the city has breached its agreement. Waste Management believes it has the right to operate the entire 978-acre site; the city says the company only has the rights to operate the current 144-acre mound.

Last month, the City Council rejected Mayor John Peyton’s plan to give Waste Management a contract extension worth an estimated $750 million over 35 years. At the time, Peyton said his proposal would avoid a potentially costly and time-consuming legal battle with the company.

On Tuesday , the council passed a bill that requires the city General Counsel’s Office to obtain a legal resolution to its contract dispute.

Chuck Dees, Waste Management’s vice president for public affairs in Florida, said via a news release that the lawsuit will give both sides what they want: a resolution to their long-standing contractual dispute.

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