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Crist Looking for Federal Bailout?

Humorous column from Michael Mayo on Charlie Crist’s announcement for Senate:

You can just imagine the campaign zingers coming soon from Charlie Crist’s opponents:

“When the going got tough, our governor got going.”

“In the middle of his first term and he wants to go to D.C.? This guy gives new meaning to the term ‘federal bailout.'”

“He backed mandatory minimums as a legislator, now he wants early release as governor!”

Crist started off promisingly as governor, showing a healthy pragmatic side. But he hasn’t shown much leadership during the budget crisis or recent legislative session. Critics have called him Empty-Suit Charlie, Empty-Chair Charlie and Empty-Calendar Charlie.

Even when he’s not doing much, he always manages to look good doing it. Which means he’ll make a perfect senator.

The full column here.


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