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Bad Cops Bill Has a Jacksonville Connection

Seems there’s a story behind the story of the Bad Cops Bill – and this story has a Jacksonville connection.  

I was  disappointed to learn recently that Sheriff John Rutherford was intimately involved in the negotiations of the compromise language of the Bad Cops Bill – the version that was ultimately passed by the Legislature.   When the Sheriffs Association (and the Police Chiefs Association) decided as the bill neared passage in the Senate not to support the compromise language (and having read the bill and the Miami-Dade Police Chief’s letter to the editor, I can understand why they might have changed their minds considering the taint that might rub off on them from the bill), Sheriff Rutherford quit the Sheriff’s association.  While I don’t know the reasoning behind Sheriff Rutherford quitting the association, I do know that I can’t possibly agree with or support the bill he apparently played a large part in negotiating.  If these are the kind of bills our Sheriff is going to support, it must be time for Jaxpolitics to kick off the citizen’s review panel crusade.


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