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Jeb? Again?

Politics never cease to amaze me.  Florida Grassroots has already counted on Crist to announce he’s running for US Senate and started a “Jeb Again in 10” campaign.

Dear Gov. Bush,

With the recent announcement that Gov. Crist will run for Mel Martinez’ U.S. Senate seat, Floridians need to make certain proven leadership is restored to the Executive Office of Governor.

During this exceptional period of financial unrest and the historic unemployment rate in Florida, we need an exceptional solution and leader to steer us through this.

We appeal to you Gov. Bush, because of the dedication you exemplified and love we know you have for Florida, to step to the plate to help save our state by running for governor again. You left office with a 65% approval rating after being the only twice elected Republican governor ever. This demonstrates what strong bipartisan support you enjoy statewide.

Our request is not without precedent. Heroic Founding Father, Patrick Henry, was the governor of Virginia 5 times. Another great Florida quarterback like yourself, Tim Tebow, is also returning to lead his team for a third title this year.

With your stellar record of achievements and success in everything from the economy to Education Reform and managing 8 major hurricanes which hit Florida in 2 years, we call on you to offer your steady hand and vision which is necessary to set Florida back on course again. Your supporters are mobilizing across the state and we await your prayerful decision.

Thank you for the selfless leadership you have provided our state.

“Who Says You Can’t Go Home?”

Victory ’10… let’s do it!

Florida Grassroots for Jeb

Check out their website here.


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