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Charlie Crist To Save The Day!

Mike Thomas, one of the best Florida columnists out there (and there are a number of them), penned one of the funniest columns about a politician that I have read in some time.  I thought I’d share some of the highlights:

Charlie Crist is entering the U.S. Senate race today.
He can no more control himself than a Labrador running after a tennis ball.
It is tail-wagging, ingrained behavior.

Thomas goes on to surmise that Gov. Crist is fleeing Tallahassee before Floridans begin to wonder if he’s caused too many of the problems that have plagued Florida over the past few years.

But Charlie won’t care.
He’ll be living happily ever after in Washington.
There is an element of genius here that even I must admire. After the next nuclear war, all that will remain are the roaches and Charlie to cut their property taxes.

And all that double talk from Charlie?  Just little white lies.

Charlie is anything but a lesser politician.
Taking on special interests in Tallahassee is like taking on the Mexicans at the Alamo. That’s a job for suckers like Davy Crockett, not Charlie Crist.

Ah, but we’ll miss the optimism.

And so, instead of leadership and policy, he gave us personality, sunny-side-up optimism, a few white lies and the politics of doing what feels good now without worrying about next week.You can fool 70 percent of the people for at least two years and four months.
Wisely, he is deciding not to press his luck much beyond that.


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