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RPOF Chair: Crist Needed in DC

From the Orlando Sentinel’s political blog, more hints dropped about Governor Crist’s potential run for US Senate.

It is the political version of the face that launched 1,000 ships.

Florida’s dreary, $66.5 billion spending plan, passed over the objections of many hard-line Republicans and the faux protestations of Democrats, is set to start the dominoes falling toward a wide-open 2010 election season. Gov. Charlie Crist — no doubt tired of all the negativity in Tallahassee these days — plans later this week to announce which office he will seek in 2010, and all signs point toward the U.S. Senate.

Four big-name candidates have met with Florida Republican Party officials and prime donors to gauge the level of interest in seeking the governor’s office: Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp, Attorney General Bill McCollum, U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan of Sarasota and Agriculture Commissioner Charlie Bronson.

The huge costs a wide-open GOP primary could create was one reason why Crist asked Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer not to run for Congress next year and instead keep hold of the reins of the party.

“He indicated his preference that I do what I need to do as chairman,” Greer says.

Next weekend, Greer and Crist will be fundraising side by side in Key West as they go deep-sea fishing. Greer’s take on which job Crist will be seeking by then?

“He’s going to seek the office where he thinks he can best serve Florida,” he says. “And right now, a lot of the problems are coming out of Washington.”

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