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How to Double Dip (Or, how it used to be legal)

The state’s new law forbidding double dipping, the art of drawing both a pension and a paycheck from government, appears likely to become law assuming Charlie Crist signs it—something he has previously said he will do.  No one; however, better personifies the art of double dipping than Bob Richburg, the former president of Northwest Florida State College.  Richburg, who was fired last week after being indicted in a scandal involving former House Speaker Ray Sansom (R-Niceville), was a double dipper of the highest order.

According to the St. Pete Times, Richburg had briefly resigned from his position as president of NFSC in 2007, receiving a lump sum payout of $553,228 and a monthly pension benefit of $8,803.  Richburg was then immediately re-hired to the same position.  He continued to collect his monthly pension, kept his lump sum payout and also began collecting his new salary of $228,000 a year.  And, Floridians wonder why the state is going broke?

This situation alone perfectly illustrates why it was time for Florida to address double dipping.  More on who will be affected by the new law can be found here.


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