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Volusia County Lines Up For St. Johns River Water

We all knew it was bound to happen. Seminole County isn’t the only County that has its eyes set on the St. Johns River. Volusia County has now joined the crowd. Interestingly enough, Volusia says they are doing it at the insistence of the St. Johns River Water Management District, or as they are now being referred to—the St. Johns River Water Disbursement District.

Feeling pressure from state agencies, the Volusia County Council has tentatively committed to join Seminole County in tapping the St. Johns River as a future water source.

On April 16, just days after the St. Johns River Water Management District Governing Board voted 5-4 to allow Seminole County to build a water-treatment plant at Yankee Lake, the County Council voted 4-3 to share that plant.

It’s starting to read like a Carl Hiassen novel…


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