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Congresswoman Corrine Brown is Feds Top Pork Spender

Corrine Brown: She delivers (the pork, that is). From the Orlando Sentinel editorial page:

Rep. Corrine Brown stands out for the sheer magnitude of her funding requests for next year: 97 projects worth at least $432 million. That works out to more than $600 per man, woman and child in her congressional district.

Ms. Brown, a Jacksonville Democrat whose district snakes all the way into Orlando, has worthy items on her list. These include water and transportation projects, urban redevelopment, youth programs, health clinics, university research and law enforcement. And we’re all for going to bat for your district. But if every House member were to match her requests, they’d be asking together for $187 billion, or about 10 times what Congress spent on earmarks last year.

Deficit? What deficit?

Ms. Brown’s list also includes millions for military projects for firms in her district. Granting those requests would create jobs, but would also give those firms what would amount to no-bid federal contracts.

Read the rest of the editorial here.


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