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City Special Appointees Still Raking In the Money

Some 4 years ago, the Times Union did a report on city special appointees – called Assistant Management Improvement Offcers – as Councilwoman Glorious Johnson made a push to get rid of these special positions that were typically hired through a process that involved no formal job qualifications, established responsibilities or pay ranges for the positions.  At the time, the Mayor’s Office promised to reform the use of these positions, and Councilwoman Johnson relented on her legislative proposal if the City would indeed push reform on the issue.

With First Coast News handy-dandy, new “What’s That Costing You?” feature on City raises, I thought I’d take a look at these special appointees and compare then and now.

In 2005, 125 AMIOs made $7.5 million; in 2009, 166 AMIOs are making nearly $11.2 million – an increase of $3.7 million.

In 2005, the average AMIO salary was $59,845; in 2009, the average AMIO salary is $67,226.44 – an increase of $7,381.44 on average.

In 2005, the highest paid AMIO was Cal Ray at $119,503 as Finance and Department director administration; in 2009, the highest paid AMIO is Pam Markham at $140,074.92 as Inspector General.

There were 15 AMIOs who received raises that were 10% or greater this past year:

Charzetta Spencer (former City Councilwoman Pat Lockett Felder’s daughter) received a 10.63% raise and is now making $54,105.72 as an AMIO in Ash Cleanup.

Robert  Morris received a 34.63% raise and is now making $60,000 as an AMIO in Public Works BJP-Project Administration.

Lesley Davidson received a 16.88% raise and is now making $99,999.96 as an AMIO in Public Works Project Manager.

John Kelly received a 10.62% raise and is now making $58,813.33 as an AMIO in Recreation and Community Services Athletic Program.

Katherine Metz received a 10.2% raise and is now making $50,281.08 as an AMIO in Disabled Services.

Quinney Bledsoe received a 11.49% raise and is now making $58,818.69 as an AMIO in Recreation and Community Services Recreation Programs.

Bruce Tyson received a 22.41% raise and is now making $51,999.96 as an AMIO Safety Manager in Central Operations.

Daniel Conrath made $56,924.96 last year and received a 10% raise this year as an AMIO Grant Administrator in Central Operations.

Cherrise Wilks received a 16.5% raise and is now making $60,000 as an AMIO Grant Administrator in Central Operations.

The Mayor’s Public Information folks were on the receiving end of some raises, too.  Kristen Beach received a 16.66% raise to bring her salary to $69,999.96 and Rachel Davis received a 32.08% raise to bring her salary to $69,999.96, as well.  Meanwhile, Heather Webb, the Mayor’s E-mail writer, received a 10% raise to bring her salary to $50,058.72.  All three of them are AMIOs.

Fire and Rescue’s Tom Francis received a 40.98% raise to bring his salary to $75,000 as an AMIO Public Information Officer.  Lesley McCormick received a 19.82% raise and is now making $108,999.96 as an AMIO Special Operations in Fire and Rescue.  Ivan Mote received a 18.79% pay increase and is now making $92,499.96 as an AMIO in Fire & Rescue.

Richard Greenwood, who was mentioned in the TU’s 2005 article as an AMIO in Fire & Rescue making $78,714, is now making $90,309.24 as an AMIO in Central Operations in 2009, even though he received no pay increase this past year. 

And who can forget Maggie Bulin, the Mayor’s former campaign manager?  Remember that she was hired in 2003 as the City’s AMIO emergency preparedness coordinator despite not having any experience in the area, and at the time of the TU’s 2005 report was making $62,267.  She then left the City in 2006 to work for Waste Management saying she had “done all I can do within the limits of having to work with the Fire & Rescue Department.”  But she returned to Fire & Rescue just a short time later and now makes $82,800.00 as an AMIO. She didn’t get a raise this past year, but why would she need one when somewhere along the line in the past 4 years she got over $20,000 in pay increases?

A couple of other names jumped out at me while I was looking through the list of AMIOs.  Mark Cunard, Jake Godbold’s nephew, is working as an AMIO Claims Adjuster making $54,999.96.  And who knew that King Holzendorf was on the Public Works payroll as an AMIO making $57,000?

Councilwoman Johnson, I think you can take your proposed legislation down from the shelf, dust it off, and reintroduce your bill now.


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