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Truth or Dare

Most of us have played the Truth or Dare game in our lifetimes – particularly as teenagers.  You know, the Truth questions are the easy no-brainers that allow you to learn more about your friends.  But when a person picks Dare, they are generally afraid to tell the truth about things. Maybe they have something to hide and are afraid to get asked any question.

The adult version of Truth or Dare is happening this afternoon.  City Council will be asking questions of all the parties involved in the continuing Trail Ridge soap opera with the parties supplying answers under oath.

Will Peyton and his staff answer Truth? or Dare? 

Stay tuned.  With allegations of underhanded dealings, pressure to sign inaccurate affidavits, and the Mayor’s alleged request that City staff not be required to testify under oath, this soap opera is far from over.

In the meantime, I just couldn’t resist this you tube video on the subject of Truth or Dare. Enjoy.

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