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Jax Can Learn From Boynton Beach

Facing a projected $16 million deficit due to marked decreases in property tax revenues and other revenue sources, Boynton Beach is already taking steps to stem the flow of red.  City Hall is now closed on Fridays.  Among the other options under consideration: 

  • Require all city departments to submit budgets that show no increase from this year.
  • Reopen collective bargaining agreements with police and fire employees to provide the option of changing wages.
  • Research alternative employee pension plans for future new employees that would be cheaper for the city, and early retirement incentives for longer-serving employees.
  • Dissolve or reduce the size of the community redevelopment agency and absorb its tax revenue into the city’s coffers.
  • The Boynton Beach commission will continue its budget discussion next month over whether to postpone or cancel certain capital improvement projects, sell city land and change its policy on take-home vehicles for employees.

    Read the Palm Beach Post story here.


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