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Jennifer Carroll & Elections “Reform”

The St. Pete Times tracked down Rep. Rob Schenck (R-Spring Hill) to ask him why he made the move to limit public debate on controversial elections “reforms” after only three minutes of public input.  Schneck did this after a move by Rep. Jennifer Carroll to “call the question” immediately after the bill was introduced in committee.  Rep. Carroll’s move made it rather obvious to observers that neither she nor the House leadership had any interest in hearing what the public has to say on the proposed changes.  Schenck merely “wrapped up the pieces” by enforcing the rules that were a result of Carroll’s action.  In this video clip, you find him somewhat evasive in explaining his actions.  He says that he wants public input, but goes on to say the bill will be debated on the floor—a place where the public has no input and where the Republican majority has the ability to shut down debate.  He also says that the bill exists to require more accountability from “groups”, but fails to mention that the bill actually opens the doors for out-of-state groups to begin operating in Florida without conforming to Florida’s disclosure laws.

Watch the video for yourself and determine whether or not you feel that you are getting the whole story here.


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