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Duval Sup of Elections Jerry Holland Opposes Elections Legislation

Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland, a Republican, has e-mailed the entire Duval Delegation, including Rep. Jennifer Carroll—one of the individuals crucial in forcing this bill thru Committee without public debate—to state his opposition to the proposed revisions to elections law that appeared mysteriously in the waning days of the legislative session.  According to Mr. Holland, the legislation will ” take us one step forward and three steps back.”  Some of the major concerns within the legislation involve:

  • Eliminates Regular Ballot When Voter Changes Address. Proposed change will eliminate the ability of a voter to do a change of address at their new address’ polling place and vote a regular ballot as the law has always allowed.  Address changes would have to be made no later than 29 days before the election—otherwise voter is restricted to voting a Provisional Ballot.  Provisional ballots face additional requirements- voter must sign envelope and their signature must match (subject to interpretation) one on file at the SOE office.
  • Retirement Center and Neighborhood Association IDs Not Acceptable. These IDs are used by the poor and elderly- those that no longer have a driver’s license nor can afford or even have transportation to get a Florida identification card.
  • Interference with Voter Registration Drives. SB 956 would impose stringent new rules on groups and individuals who register voters, making it much harder for them.  Shortens the time the entity to has to get the registration to the SOE- shortened time would be under Senate Bill= 48 hrs. or 1 business day; House Bill = 5 days.
  • Prevents Voter Empowerment. Makes it illegal for attorneys or voter rights organization to tell voters about voting rules in line to vote—even if outside the current 100 ft. “No Solicitation Zone.” 

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