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Former Governor Releases Book With Help of Jax Attorney

From the St. Pete Times:

Bob Graham, the former U.S. senator and Florida governor, is out with a new book, America, The Owner’s Manual.

Published by CQ Press (formerly of the Times empire, but no longer), Owner’s Manual offers citizens a step-by-step guide for moving their ideas or issues into the realm of public policy. Graham will be signing copies at 2 p.m. Friday at the University of Florida Graham Center for Public Service, Pugh Hall.

“Each chapter starts with a real case, showing citizens tackling a step in the process, and ends with a checklist and a series of questions to help put Graham’s game plan in action,” a press release said. “By offering concrete guidance, an array of resources, and advice for troubleshooting and overcoming barriers, this compact user’s guide moves far beyond traditional learning.”

He wrote it with the help of Chris Hand, a Jacksonville attorney and longtime Democratic strategist.

The book can be purchased here.


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