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City Councilman Leading Fight Against Foreclosures

Kevin Hyde, an At-Large Republican City Councilman, has emerged as one of Jacksonville’s leaders in the fight against burgeoning foreclosures.  Hyde was one of the first local officials to recognize the impending crisis and has led a series of high-profile foreclosure summits designed to develop working solutions for Jacksonville.  The information gathered in those summits has now translated into legislation, which Hyde has now introduced to the Council:

The bill advocates, among other things, that information be made available to those facing or on the verge of losing their homes. In addition to foreclosure prevention on the main page on the Cityís Web site www.coj.net  Hyde’s bill urges Mayor John Peyton to work with the State Legislature to provide foreclosure assistance and relief.

“We are working with state legislators to tag on a foreclosure filing fee,” said Hyde.

The fee, which can only be assessed by the State and not on a local basis, would be paid by those filing a lis pendens. Those fees would fund mediations, which Hyde said can go a long way towards preventing foreclosures altogether. Even if passed on the State level, Hyde said the amount of the fee hasnít been determined.

Although the Ordinance has been assigned to three committees—Rules, Finance and Recreation & Community Development—Hyde expects it to pass after just one normal bill cycle. That would entail an introduction, second reading and passage by each committee followed by a vote of the full Council. That translates to about 6-8 weeks before the bill becomes law.

Councilman Hyde deserves recognition for his tireless efforts in working to develop solutions to Jacksonville’s foreclosure crisis.


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