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Trail Ridge Memories – Part Deux

Memories. It appears that, at least in Jacksonville, they aren’t as sharp as some would like to profess. It seems that a simple review of the original 1990 Request for Proposal from the City of Jacksonville makes a very solid case that Waste Management’s “understanding” of the Trail Ridge contract is nothing short of wishful at best.

Honorable ladies and gentlemen of the Council:

 Attached are two pages of the hundred or so pages which comprise the original Request for Proposals and four Addenda dated July 2, 1990 through August 9, 1990.  The first page, “Description and Scope of Work” is as returned from the successful bidder on August 15, 1990.  To me this makes it clear that the proposal is for a 20 year “facility” (i.e., landfill) of a certain tonnage capacity.  On the second page, Addendum no. 2, item no. 7 makes it clear the contract was to be for no more than 657,000 tons times 20 years [13.14 million tons] with any excess remaining capacity “at the end of the 20-year period” treated as a “salvage value.”
If you do not already have ready access to it, I will be happy to e-mail the PDF files of the entire RFP and addenda to you.  I received these pursuant to a public document request from the City.
John Winkler, President
Concerned Taxpayers of Duval County, Inc.

For those whose memories are less than stellar, we have pasted a copy of the original RFP below.  While JaxPoliticsOnline.com isn’t exactly “Delilah After Dark”, we’d thought we’d give a song dedication our best shot..  The RFP can be viewed below:



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