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Florida’s $4 Billion Spending Spree

This Wednesday, the Legislative Budget Commission will figure out how to spend Florida’s $4 billion in federal stimulus money.  With Florida’s huge budget shortfall, it will probably only take them a few hours to spend it all.

Here’s the breakdown $3,953,678,254 in stimulus/bailout according to the St. Pete Times:

$1,870,010,718          Medicaid
$1,367,068,037          Transportation
$571,882,413             Disadvantaged K-12 students
$32,000,000              School Readiness
$23,795,490              Dislocated Worker assistance
$23,597,683              Youth job training program
$18,000,000              Weatherization Assistance
$11,222,705              Child Support Enforcement Program
$6,667,088                Employment and Re-emoloyment services
$5,745,048                Adult job training program,
$5,403,280                School Lunch Program
$4,762,799                Victims of Crime Assistance
$4,077,155                Blind Services
$3,167,349                Food stamps
$1,908,500                Adoption Subsidies
$1,660,556                Elder Nutrition programs
$1,389,393                Emergency Food Assistance Program
$525,000                  State Fire Assistance grants
$500,040                  Admin. for Unemployment Compensation
$280,000                  Senior Employment programs

Read the story here.


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