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The First Trail Ridge Hearing

There was a lot of information to digest in yesterday’s City Council Committee of the Whole Hearing in regards to the proposed Waste Management contract to run the Trail Ridge Landfill.  In the end, however, it does not appear as if any minds on the City Council were swayed.  

The debate was dominated by coordinated efforts on both sides, leaving scant time at the end for “regular people” to voice their thoughts on the matter.  By the time “regular people” approached the podium, many of the Council members had already left.  There were fresh charges of contract violations, SEC violations and lack of transparency in City Hall decisions.  There were fireworks, most notably when Councilman Daniel Davis suggested swearing in Republic Services’ lawyer on the spot and asking them to bid for the contract during the meeting, something [the swearing in] that was not requested of the Mayor’s staff.  Councilwoman Denise Lee seized on that suggestion and others to turn it in to a rather lively meeting.

In the end, I don’t believe anyone walked away with their minds changed.  

Some of the more interesting points to arise during the meeting:  Jim Minion, one of the citizens who addressed the Council spoke of “entering the 21st Century with a 20th Century contract” and Councilman John Crescimbeni pointed out that Waste Management’s “Honor the Contract” campaign was highly hypocritical in light of the fact that they had violated previous contracts with the City.

Stay tuned…  This one ain’t over yet.


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