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Corrine Might Deliver

Well, we all know Corrine Brown’s slogan: Corrine Delivers.  In a proposed $3.5 trillion federal budget that is now being discussed in conference committee, Corrine has $432 million in earmarks for nearly 100 projects.   As pointed out in an Orlando Sentinel article, to put Brown’s earmarks in perspective, consider that fellow Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite has only requested 9 earmarks totaling $16 million.  Corrine requested about $40 million for Lockheed Martin alone – more than double the entire portfolio of earmarks sought by Brown-WaiteOr another way to look at it: each of us here in Jacksonville could receive a payout of approximately $536 apiece if Corrine’s requested earmarks were distributed evenly.

Click here for Corrine Brown’s complete earmark list.


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